September, 2015- Project Chosen Sponsorship Program- On Hold

EAC prides itself on providing world class  adoption services, while being able to maintain a personal relationship with each adopting family.

The Faces of EAC Congo Children - they are no different than you or I - they just need a chance to have a family.

 August 3, 2014 - The FEST!  Project Chosen launches its Child and Orphanage Sponsorship opportunities!

Project Chosen promotional video for FEST 2014.  Are you being CHOSEN?

August , 2015 - 100 village children receiving 3 months of schooling as a result of funds provided from families.

   One year ago the Project Chosen Program began, and thanks to its sponsors, the lives of 28 orphaned children in the DR Congo have forever been changed.  Countless homeless children have also benefited from the sponsorship of the orphanage. Project Chosen’s first year has been a struggle, with the general health concerns in Africa, the communication challenges, and the managing of the program.  But it has been ALL worthwhile when you see the improvement of the children and the spirit of hope on their faces.  
  Unfortunately, the Congolese government continues to have internal power struggles and it is the children who suffer.  Some orphan homes have been closed and the children have been relocated, making it impossible to follow up on the dispersing of future funds to the sponsored child.  It has been decided that the collection of donations through the Project Chosen Sponsorship program be put on hold until we are assured the funds will be used for the orphanages and children.

   We will continue to monitor the orphanages and children in the DR  Congo in hopes of reinstating the Project Chosen Child/Orphanage Sponsorship at a future date.

Project Chosen Program -On Hold

April, 2015

Staff members and families traveled to the DR Congo with formula,medicine, and donations for 5 orphanages  The children were given rosaries and were eager to share photos of themselves with their new possession!. 

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Learn about EAC efforts to care for orphaned children in the DRC.  Sunshine House is a foster care facility for all EAC family's children.


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January 14, 2015 - Limited visits between orphanages/villages due to sickness or eboli possible spread.  Holiday donations of supplies delivered.